Crunchy Edamame-Corn Salad


This colorful salad keeps well and makes a great lunch on-the-go. It has a healthy grain, veggies and the edamame for protein. This is a variation of Green Soy Salad in Depression the Way Out by Dr. Neil Nedley.



It is my first preference to use the very tender sweet white corn, but as you can see from the pictures it can also be made with the sweet yellow. We only use organic corn because of the heavily sprayed crops and sometimes the yellow is all I can find.



This is a large recipe that makes about 8 cups, but it can easily be cut in half if there are only two of you, and because it keeps well, you can eat on it more than one day.

It makes a great meal with a yummy baked sweet potato topped with tahini (or your favorite dressing) and some steamed broccoli on the side. — You’ll have to give it a try!


Crunchy Edamame-Corn Salad

Yield – 8 cups
Prep Time – 10 minutes


For Salad:

12 0z. (2 1/2 cups) frozen shelled green soybeans

16 oz. (4 cups) frozen sweet white corn

1 cup jicama, 1/4″ dice

2/3 cup celery, chopped

1/2 cup sweet red pepper, diced

1/3 cup green onion, 1/4″ slices

1 tbsp minced fresh parsley

For Dressing:

5 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp honey or agave

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp dried sweet basil

1/4 tsp garlic granules or powder

1/8 tsp dried dill weed



  1.  Thaw the corn and soy beans.
  2.   Emulsify the lemon, honey and seasonings.
  3.   Mix all the ingredients together with the dressing.
  4.   Chill and serve.  Be sure and stir well to incorporate the salad and dressing just before serving.