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Homestyle Potato Salad — oil free

  This delicious egg-free version retains all that familiar home-style goodness. Potato salad is a hearty comfort food that can also carry a lot of unwanted free fats in the salad dressing. This recipe eliminates the oils, but not those flavors that we love.   A food dicer makes quick work of prepping the tofu, Read more >>

Overnight Oats

A yummy on-the-go breakfast or a wonderfully easy make-ahead breakfast that leaves you free in the morning for other endeavors while your family are still nurtured and fed.  They do not have to be overnight oats.  I’m up really early and have made them in the morning and chilled for a couple hours until we’re Read more >>

Olive and Tomato Bruschetta

  This is a lite and simple bruschetta with no refined oil, but delicious with the addition of the green ripe olives.  Serve on whole-wheat baguettes, toasted Whole-Wheat Rustic Bread or Whole-Wheat French Bread.  It makes a lovely lick-the-bowl, fat-free topping.             Read more >>

Whole Grain Rustic Bread

Enjoy this no-knead 100% whole-wheat rustic bread with a crispy crust and tender interior.  Delicious as is or toasted; oil-free, sugar-free, plant-based fare at its best.  We spread the toasted with nut butter and the fresh with sliced avocado. Read more >>

Vegan Cornbread — Oil Free and Loving It

This cornbread is tender and perfectly delicious without using eggs or dairy.  Serve it up for dinner with chili, on the side with a fresh fruit salad, or some of us would be just as happy to put it in a bowl and top with fruit sauce or syrup and milk!  Anyway you eat it, Read more >>

Date-Sweetened Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is the perfect plant-based dessert: full of nutrition, easy to make, and delicious to eat. This sweet and creamy custard-like date-sweetened pie will satisfy your traditional pie expectations while not compromising your health! If looking for a pie crust, you can check out our no-refined-fat crust recipe which doubles for a gluten-free pie Read more >>

Mock Meatloaf

This nut and soy loaf is delicious with potatoes and gravy for a special occasion, where it be can easily turned out onto a platter and served with vegetables on the side. But it is just as delicious for an every day meal with a little ketchup while leftovers make a great sandwich. . The Read more >>

No-Guilt Pecan Pie

This rich and delish plant-based pecan pie defies the buttery, sugary, syrupy, egg-filled standard pecan pies that we are all familiar with in the past.  Joyfully, this pie will not destroy our health if we indulge a piece for the holidays.  . . It does require enough forethought to have a sweet potato baked and Read more >>

Hype or Science

Do you want the best health and immunity?  Eating unprocessed, unrefined, whole plant foods is the answer. No need to blindly follow diet fads.  To get your questions answered, log on to where you will find the most extensive, reliable, trustworthy research available on every nutrition and health topic.  Dr. Greger and his team read all the major medical journals every month and provide an easy-to-understand bottom-line summary on each topic.  The plethora of scientifically researched information on this site is provided for doctors and lay people alike–for free!


Planning — You may desire to eat well, but a busy overstressed lifestyle can keep you relying on processed foods. To avoid this, it is important you find a system that works well for you. Always thinking about what to eat next can be stressful and figuring out something healthy to cook at the last minute doesn’t usually work. Just like everything else in life, sticking to a healthy diet requires a little planning. Even planning can become too time-consuming and sabotage us in the end, so here are a few simple steps that could make a big difference.) Read more >>


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Her home-baked breads and other goodies were served up daily at family dinners.

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