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Breakfast Kuchen

  UPDATED!  This is a simple and delicious treat for breakfast or a lite supper meal.  A fun plant-based take on an old German family recipe and easy to make.  We’ve made plum, peach, apricot, prune, apple, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, winter pears, and combinations of fruit.  Frozen fruit also works, but it should first be Read more >>

Date & Maple Brownies

  UPDATED — Oil-free brownies that are date and maple syrup sweetened, whole grain, moist and tender.     Sifting together the dry ingredients will avoid white spots of flour in the brownies, especially important with oat flour as it tends to clump.   Combine the wet ingredients in your blender and blend until all Read more >>

Baked Hash Browns

These flavorful baked hash browns are fat free and easy to make for a bunch of people while you are working on the rest of the breakfast meal.  They can be prepared ahead and refrigerated or frozen.  If you prefer they can be cooked on the stove top in a nonstick skillet with or without Read more >>

Green Smoothies – Liquid Salads!

   The regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables is linked with lower rates of many chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease.  These cruciferous green smoothies offer a generous boost of nutrition.  If you don’t care for salads, drinking your fresh greens is a great option.  Unlike many smoothie recipes, these are not a bunch of Read more >>

Chocolate Pudding-Pie Filling, Date Sweetened

  This date-sweetened pudding is rich and delicious with a minimal amount of effort, and pairs really well with the Graham-Type Crust.     Read more >>

Graham-Type Pie Crust

    This quick and easy no-oil crust subs in quite nicely when a graham crust is desired for a dessert. Made from simple ingredients with no refined sugars or syrups, just a few dates.  There are two versions, a regular one like a graham crust would be and one with a little cocoa for Read more >>

Hype or Science

Do you want the best health and immunity?  Eating unprocessed, unrefined, whole plant foods is the answer. No need to blindly follow diet fads.  To get your questions answered, log on to where you will find the most extensive, reliable, trustworthy research available on every nutrition and health topic.  Dr. Greger and his team read all the major medical journals every month and provide an easy-to-understand bottom-line summary on each topic.  The plethora of scientifically researched information on this site is provided for doctors and lay people alike–for free!


“There’s this myth that sitting is the new smoking — not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s at least 10 times more deadly to smoke than to sit. That said, prolonged sitting — defined, typically, by over 6 hours a day — is associated with increased mortality, even if you go to the gym and work out hard after work.”  Michael Greger, MD

 “Tofu and soymilk consumption reduces prostate cancer risk by 30%.” Michael Greger, MD


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The love of cooking was something I inherited from my mother.

Her home-baked breads and other goodies were served up daily at family dinners.

Our friends were always eager to come to our table.

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