It is a simple thing to freeze bananas, and there are so many ways they can be used!  I just love their versatility!  I’ll share a few tips that you might already know, or greatly benefit from.

1.  The bananas should be covered with spots, but not brown!  Unlike what many people may say, “the browner the better”, this is not true.  As the skins turn brown, then blackish, they can take on a sort of bitterness and lose some of that amazing sweetness.  So freeze your bananas at just the right time, especially if you want maximum sweetness and flavor.

2.  This also keeps the bananas nice and white while frozen and not an ugly brown (this doesn’t enhance shakes and nice creams where the color matters), plus it is very unappealing. 

3.  Bananas can be hard on your blender if you freeze them whole or just cut into junks.  Here’s a very simple way to enhance blending (especially for those without the more expensive blenders) and also to speed up the blending process.

      ● Place the peeled bananas in a gallon plastic bag leaving some space between each one.

      ● Then with the palm of your hand flatten each one until it is about 3/8-1/2 inch thick.

      ● Remove air, seal and freeze.

When you use these, they are easily broken up and respond quickly to blending or mashing.