Muesli/Morning Oats –Delightfully Simple

Every family gravitates to certain meals on a regular basis.  Usually it is something fairly easy to make that they enjoy eating, and hopefully it would be healthy, too.  I don’t remember when we were first introduced to muesli which is a Swiss dish.  I’m sure our version isn’t like the original, but you couldn’t get any faster or healthier and the best part is that each person can build it to suit themselves.


 You see a lot of refrigerator oatmeal these days where you put oats and milk in a canning jar in the fridge overnight.  There are many yummy recipes. One of our good friends makes hers with part coconut milk, diced pears, a little OJ and some sweetener with additional fruit–very tasty!  Fresh berries of all kinds make great toppers.  So now that you have the idea, here is our morning version which doesn’t have to sit overnight.

For a quick, healthy breakfast, look no further; this recipe is just for you. We don’t mind it with regular oats, but if you do, quick oats makes a great stand-in. Sprinkle on a few mini date pieces.


Top with some delicious fruit, a few nuts or seeds and a little plant-based milk. There you have it! A sprinkling of flax meal is a healthy bonus–I wouldn’t add it the first time so you can see muesli’s flavor on it’s own.  


If you wish, add a side of toast and nut butter.  This is such a great traveling meal.  We always take oats and dates with us when we are on the road.  It is like granola without all the work of making and baking!  It is also deliciously salt and sugar free.  


I hope this has inspired you to try your own version soon.


Muesli/Morning Oats –Delightfully Simple

Prep Time – 1-2 minutes


1/2 cup regular or quick oats, For allergies, use the gluten-free oats.

2 tbsp mini dried dates for sweetener –or sweetener of your choice

1/2 large diced sweet apple

berries, grapes, or other fruit

nuts and/or seeds, opt.

flax meal, opt.

dairy-free milk



Layer these ingredients in order given, topping with the milk and enjoy!