Chocolate Stack Cake


This is a fun little treat to serve your company when you have a little time to prep in advance and you are skilled at working quickly once you are ready to put it together!  The cake recipe is the German Chocolate Cake which is stacked with coconut ice cream, coconut whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle making a delightful little treat for a special occasion.  The cake and drizzle recipes can also be made with carob for those who prefer.



This recipe has several steps, but each one freezes or keeps well, so you can do it over a space of a few days before you entertain.


Chocolate Stack Cake


For the Cake:

  1. Make the cake in a pan that is half again as big as the 9″ so the cooked cake will be thinner than a normal cake.
  2. Once the cake is cool just cut your circles in 2″-2 1/2″ rounds with a biscuit cutter, being careful not to tear the cake.  Work slowly.
  3. Then cut each circle in half through the middle, making a very mini layer cake! Put the halves back together. Place them all side-by-side in a sealed airtight container. This can be done well ahead and frozen if you prefer, or you can do it the day before and just keep them prepped and ready.

For the Ice Cream:

  1. Soften the ice cream slightly and spread into the thickness you prefer (approximately 1/2″) in a flat-bottomed plastic container or rectangular cake pan, seal and freeze solid.  We like the Bliss Vanilla, but any you choose will work.
  2. When frozen, cut out circles with the same biscuit cutter you used for the cake.
  3. Once cut, separate and loosen them and put them back into the freezer. This is so they can quickly be picked up when you are putting the stacks together.


For the Whipped Cream:

Make the coconut whipped cream ahead and refrigerated in a sealed container. Just give it a good stir when you are ready to use.


For the Chocolate Drizzle:

The chocolate drizzle makes up well ahead, just be sure and bring it to room temperature before you are ready to put it all together. To assemble for the picture I forgot and had to put it in the microwave. That is why it puddled instead of steady little lines.


For the Berries:

I like to purchase the berries and rinse them prior to the event, standing them on a paper towel, and if they need a little extra sweetness, you can sprinkle them lightly with stevia.



To Compile the Stack Cake:

  1. It is necessary to work very fast so the ice cream doesn’t defrost before it gets to the table. Be sure and have everything ready to go!
  2. I suggest putting the cakes on the plates before getting the ice cream from the freezer.
  3. As is evident from the picture, you put the ice cream between the bottom and top cake slices, spoon a little cream over the top cake and place the berries on the cream and plate as desired. — My berries for this cake were VERY large and rather overpowered the cake, but they were delicious and nobody minded!
  4. Once that is accomplished take a spoon and lightly drizzle chocolate sauce across the cake and berries.
  5. Serve immediately!