Are you a junk food vegan/vegetarian? Are chips, French fries, sodas, and fast foods full of fat, sugar and refined flours part of your diet?  Every bite we put in our mouths is an opportunity to enhance longevity and brain health; mitigate chronic pain; and avoid or effect remission from the lifestyle diseases that kill millions each year. Any time we eat junk food we are depriving our bodies of the vital nutrients we could have received from healthy and delicious greens, fruits, vegetables, heart-friendly nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and yes, berries, those amazing and delicious little superfoods!

Dr. Greger developed for himself the “daily dozen”, essential foods for optimum health.  This list was calculated on nutrient density, high levels of antioxidant value, anti-inflammatory benefit, ability to inhibit tumor growth, and endless other paybacks.  By request, he later shared this with everyone via a convenient phone app.

Dr. Fuhrman’s GBOMBS for daily consumption were also derived from the extensive nutrition science available to us today as never before.

Just a little thought in planning one’s diet can make a huge impact on our overall health.  These checklists can aid you in improving the nutrient density of your meals.  Ask yourself, can I add some flax or walnuts to this?  Could I add some beans or greens to this meal?

Let these be guides, not stressors!  Life has enough of that already.


Dr. Gregor’s Daily DozenDr. Furhman’s GBOMBS
BeansG       Greens
BerriesB       Beans
Other FruitsO      Onions
Cruciferous VegetablesM     Cooked Mushrooms
Cooked GreensB       Berries
Other VegetablesS       Seeds
Nuts and Seeds 
Herbs and Spices 
Whole Grains 
Beverages (water or tea)